5 Inspirational YouTube Videos For Women In Their Twenties

This year I have really been hooked on personal development, reading and trying to get inspired to keep doing more and hit different levels in my personal life.

Between books, podcasts and these 5 inspirational youtube videos, i’ve never been this motivated and productive in my entire life.

Lets get started!

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1. I Don’t Care What You Think Of Me For Having A Dream | Rachel Hollis On Impact Theory

After passing Rachel’s book in stores for a good 3 months, I watched this interview, fell in love with her and went to the store that day to purchase her book “Girl Stop Apologizing“.

Rachel is an incredible woman who while raising a family finally figured out that she is just as important as everyone else. And what she wants out of life and the goals she has are worth going after. And she’s not sorry about it.

She talks about limiting beliefs and the excuses we tell ourselves about why we as women aren’t chasing our dreams.


2. How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over | Mel Robins | Ted Talk

This lady is a fire cracker! I love how freely she speaks (aka, she cusses a lot lol), she’s hilarious and best of all she tells you want you need to hear not what you want to hear.

She talks about the concept of “parenting yourself”, feeling stuck and how to get what you want.

3. Master Happiness | Tony Robbins | Inside Quest #40

This video is about an hour long but it is SO good and SO inspirational that I really think you should find the time to listen to it.

They dive into everything from money, values, happiness, modeling others and failure…It’s honestly too much to write about right here without giving it all away. So just trust me.

It’s worth listening to!

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4. Success, Failure And The Drive To Keep Creating | Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is an incredible writer. (I just finished her book Big Magic. My favorite personal development book I’ve read so far. She also wrote Eat. Pray. Love.) Her story is base around her career as a writer so I think that’s why I feel so connected to this speech.

She talks about how she handled experiencing great failure and great success, and where to go from either one of those places.

I love that she is all about doing what you love even if you know you won’t ever win at it.

In her case, she found success but wasn’t sure if she could do it again. That success was Eat. Pray. Love. How was she to ever top something that successful?

Out of these 5 inspirational youtube videos, this might just be my favorite…

She has such a warm, almost motherly, calming way of speaking…and writing actually.

5. Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders | Sheryl Sandberg

I really fell like every young woman should watch this Ted Talk in school.

Sheryl lays out so many statistics on career women and asks why women aren’t making it to the top of any profession anywhere in the world.

She talks about women’s difficult choice between professional success and person fulfillment. And the fact that when it comes to staying home, we women are the ones who are first to quit our jobs…

Sheryl speaks about what we need to start telling ourselves and our daughters to make a change.

This video isn’t at all bashing SAHM. She simply gives 3 messages for women who do want to stay in the workforce.

I really hope these 5 inspirational YouTube videos can resonate with you in some way as they have for me.

I truly feel it’s so important to take the time to consume all of the free resources and information that people share about the life lessons they have learned.

These people are at least twice our age and between them all, have been through just about anything life can throw at you.

Why wouldn’t you want to take in the knowledge they have that has taken them decades to learn?

Take the time. Invest in yourself.



5 inspirational youtube videos for women in their 20's