About Me

About me

Who is this girl?

My name is Adriana, I am a Texas girl and a 24-year-old mother of 1, wife of 1…(yes I laugh at my own jokes & yes I laughed a that one)…My family and I are currently living in England after recently deciding to make a career out of the Air Force and are loving every minute of it!

I have been a lot things in this life so far. A cashier, waitress, hawked tanning beds to teenagers, served in the Air Force, a waitress again, a New Home Sales Consultant, and now…a student/still figuring it out.

Things that make me a happy human

  1. Traveling
  2. Photography
  3. Writing
  4. Reading (personal development junkie)
  5. A Handmaids Tale
  6. Dry shampoo
  7. Baked goods
  8. Makeup (the cheap stuff)
  9. My Happy Planner
  10. Plants
  11. Dancing
  12. Kareoke
  13. Not exercising
  14. A good self tanner
  15. Tj Maxx

What will you find on this blog?

This platform gives me the opportunity me to not only share all of the life changes & travels that come with the military lifestyle. But it also allows me to follow what pulls on my heart strings.

And that is:

  • Empowering mothers to be more than just mothers & not forget about themselves.
  • Encouraging military spouses to not fall into just being followers and supporters.
  • Inspiring my generation to live a life full of gratefulness and adventure
  • Motivating my readers to go after the life they want!

Advice column

In addition to those things, if you scroll up you will find an anonymous advice column. Anonymous With Adriana; another passion project of mine and a huge part of this blog. 

I don’t want this to just be another lifestyle blog, I want it to be a resource as well. I want it to be place where people can come to open up, share their stories, share their struggles and their lessons.

We all hold such valuable information and if we all just shared what we know and what we have gone through, we could really make a difference. 

If you would like to be apart of the advice column you can email me through my contact page.

Our lives are no different from all of yours. We are all just trying to navigate life as best as we can. Making it fun, taking risks, and attempting to live an adventurous life all while remaining some-what responsible

I hope this blog can be a place for you to learn from our mistakes, our successes, make you laugh, be informative, inspire you to do more, and just make you feel like less of a weirdo.