Collaboration #2: Joaquin Photography; Feeling The Power

It’s strange how a photo can make you feel powerful.

Not only was this the first legit shoot with Joaquin, but this shoot was a special one for another reason.

I remember seeing this photo below and thinking “Whoa, is that really me? This girl looks…powerful & confident.” Two words I had never associated with myself.


One of the photos that changed a lot for me. Photographers Instagram:  _iamjoaquin


Photographers Instagram:  _iamjoaquin

That’s what is cool about doing these photo shoots. Yes, it was fun to put on pretty clothes, find nice locations, and be creative, but for me, I fell in love with it because I feel like, I could really see myself in these photos.

Does that make sense?

I was seeing, for the first time, something I didn’t see when I looked in the mirror. Almost like I was learning things about myself through these pictures.

I felt like I was looking at someone else.


Photographers Instagram:  _iamjoaquincaption


Photographers Instagram:  _iamjoaquin

It was all such a new experience and each shoot, I loved it more and more.


Photographers Instagram:  _iamjoaquin


Photographers Instagram:  _iamjoaquin


Photographers Instagram:  _iamjoaquin

– It’s Adriana