Getting Out Of A Health Rut; How To Ease Back Into Working Out

If there is one thing I could thank my mother for, it would be for her genes…

Because there is no one else to blame other than her for the fact that I have managed to not exercise in 4+ years and not weigh 500 lbs.

But I know that just because you’re a size 0, it does not mean you’re healthy or, “fit.”

I will admit that I have let a career, my child, and my love for sleep become excuses to not exercise. Ever. But nothing will make you want to whip yourself back into shape more than you yourself noticing your body changing,

This change will look different for everybody. Some people gain weight in their arms first, or butt, legs, boobs, etc. For myself, I noticed I actually started getting hips (never was blessed with those), my face is getting a little squirrely when I smile, and worse of all, my ass is getting flat from sitting on it for all these years. I would say I am what people would call, “skinny fat”. (We all know what that means.)

But more than just these physical attributes, (things I can definitely live with, I like my body and grateful for how it’s stuck it out with me), I have noticed a decline in the way I feel. I have very low energy which is rare for me, and if someone let me, I could sleep all day long.

Getting out of a health rut can be extremely difficult so I am hoping that putting this post put here will help me commit to a healthier lifestyle, and this is how I am going to do it.

Running outside

Start With One Thing At A Time

I am not going to join a gym, meal plan, and never eat sugar ever again right off the bat. That’s unrealistic for someone who hasn’t worked out or ate well in a long time. You will get overwhelmed and quit. I am going to start off small by waking up at 5 am every morning and go run my community but only during the week, the weekends will be to relax. Once I know I can commit to waking up every day and running, then I will join a gym.

Recent studies show that exercising outside can make you feel more energized, happier, and less tired than doing the same workout in the gym. Win Win!

Don’t Drink Your Sugar

Soda, sweet tea, shakes, all need to go (mostly soda). Let these things be a treat and not a daily thing. Every time you want one of these things, just eat a piece of hard candy to fix that sugar craving…I said one piece, not the whole bag.

Find A Friend To Work Out With

Nothing will help get you out of bed in the morning to exercise more than knowing your friend is waiting for you outside or at the gym. You can’t leave them hanging? Not only will this motivate you to get out but it will also motivate you to not give up prematurely in each workout. Push each other to keep going!

Get Some Cute Work Out Clothes

I don’t know about you, but this is such a game changer for getting out of a health rut. You can find such cute affordable athletic wear these days! I don’t feel my most beautiful while I am exercising already so having some cute outfits to wear while doing it can definitely motivate you.

Hands down, best work out clothes are Fabletics!

Take Regular Progression Pictures

It’s so important to recognize the progress you’re making. If you don’t do this, you will feel like your body isn’t changing when it really is and you will easily become discouraged. This will help push you forward and keep exercising!

Be Proud Of YourSelf

Getting out of a health rut and getting healthy again is not easy. But the hardest part is just starting! So the fact that you already have the mindset and are already out there and moving means you’ve won half the battle! Be proud of just, starting.

Do you have any recommendations for getting healthy again? Put any tips you have in the comments!