Going Back To College At 24: It’s Never Too Late!

I always knew that I wanted to go to college someday. Although I’ve changed my mind so many times on what I wanted/needed a degree in, that wasn’t my big problem that kept me from going right out of high school.


I ended up joining the Air Force right after high school because it really didn’t matter what I wanted a degree in, I couldn’t afford college.

And yet, I did all of that for an education and here I am…6 years later. With no degree.

While all (not all, but you get it) my friends from high school now have their Associates degrees, Bachelors degrees and even Masters degrees…I am just getting started.

Now, I don’t say this to compare myself to my old classmates. I chose a different path. Life was happening fast, it wasn’t the right time and that’s just fine with me. 

But the time has now come for me to go back to college, and let me tell you, it hasn’t been an easy path to find my way back to. 

I’ve been, hesitant to say the least.

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Why I waited so long to go back to college 

For the longest while I told myself I didn’t want to go to college just yet because I wasn’t 100% on what I wanted to do. Which was true

For most of my life I have really had zero interests, no true passion for anything, not much versatile work experience outside of waitressing, the military (I didn’t want to work on aircraft anymore) and real estate. I didn’t want to spend my time pursuing a degree I may never use. 

Fear of (literal) failure 

All of these things were real concerns, but there was one thing that rang very true that has kept from going back to college this long…

I was afraid I would fail at it. 

It’s strange because I actually did really well in high school, but I was so worried that I had been out of school for so long that I would just, suck at it. 

I was worried I would embarrass myself. (Especially since my husband has been going to school and is almost done with his bachelors and has kicked ass at it!)

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What finally pushed me to go back to college 

Every year since high school, my confidence in myself grows a little more and more. And as I learn more about myself, I get less and less afraid to put my neck out there to see what I can do. 

In these 6 years I’ve finally found what I am good at, and recent career choices have opened my eyes to parts of the corporate world that I feel I would enjoy and succeed in.

But it’s no secret that these days, for most careers you need a degree. And after all this time I know it’s the right time for me.

To get that extra push you need, you have to get excited!!

One thing I do know is if I didn’t find the excitement in the thought of pursuing this career, I never would have gotten over my fear of failing at school. 

I now know that it’s simple. If I want this career, I need this degree. 

So, I’m getting the degree!  

With all of my new work experience, confidence, and my new free time from us being stationed here in England, there’s no better time to go back to college and further my education. 

Benefits of not going to college right after high school

I know so many people who have put off college for their own reasons. 

It’s so easy for people to look at going back to college later in life as a negative thing or as if you’ve, “wasted” time. 

But like everything in life it’s so important focus on the positive things that come from decisions we’ve made.

So lets look at some bright sides here: 

  • I know myself more now than when I was 18, and feel I can make better long term decisions for myself.
  • Now I have the means to pay for my education, I didn’t when I was 18. 
  • I now have more clarity on what I want out of my career. 
  • I know what career choices are best for not just myself but my family as well. 
  • Having clarity on my career gives me the excitement I need to follow through in pursuing a 4 year degree. 
  • My son is now in school, allowing me the quiet time to do my school work. 
  • My son will see me doing my homework, just like him. 

Ask yourself what you’ve benefitted from by waiting? Chances are, your list is pretty long! 

We all take a different path and that’s ok!

There are so many ways to be successful in this life, and plenty of those successful paths don’t involve a college education. 

But if your path does, just do it! Enroll

Don’t let your fear of wasted time, shitty grades, age, kids or money keep you from going for it. 

Did you know, Nola Ochs was the oldest college graduate? She graduated at 95 from Fort Hays State University in Kansas with her degree in History!

That’s how you really know, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And if Nola can do it at 95, we can do it at 24 and beyond!

And if you find you suck at it, find a tutor. If you don’t have money, apply for scholarships, FAFSA, etc.!

All I know is, in 4 years I can be 28 with a Bachelors degree…or I can just be 28. 

I now choose 28 with a Bachelors Degree

What made you want to go back to college and what degree are you going for?? 

Wish me luck




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