How Do I Find A Passion?

Dear Adriana, 

How do I find a passion when I don’t particularly like anything? Does that make sense? 


Dear Anonymous, 

Of course it makes sense! This use to be me.

I always thought that I wasn’t good at anything and that I didn’t have a talent or even a hobby. 

First lets talk about hobby’s then we’ll talk about your definition of passion

What makes you excited? 

Do you have any hobbies? Anything you’ve always wanted to try? 

If not, that’s ok. For a while I didn’t either. 

That’s why it’s so important to take time for yourself to figure out what you’re good at, what you want to be good at and what brings you joy

So it’s time to start dabbling

Try anything and everything! I have tried everything from trying to teach myself to play an instrument to trying to learn to draw — I failed miserably at both… 

The point is, you wont ever like something if you haven’t tried anything. You wont love something if you haven’t done it enough to be good at it. 

It’s so much easier to get excited about something you know you’re good at. So find something that sparks your interests and then try and get really good at it! 

Talent and hobbies don’t just pop up out of nowhere and say, “Hey love me!”

It’s important to remember that talented people aren’t always born with that particular talent or “passion” either. You have to search for it, approach it, practice at it and then fall in love with it. 

So that’s your homework. Go find something you might like doing in your spare time, practice and get good at it. 

What is your definition of passion?

This is something that I think most people have all wrong. I know I had it wrong up until recent.

But it’s not our fault. 

We always hear people saying “follow your passion”, “make a career out of your passion”, “finding your passion will make you happy”. 

But no-one ever told you what he hell this mystical creature called passion is? And how the fuck was I supposed to find it?

And then the world makes you feel like crap when you aren’t head over heels in love with what you do for your day job.

They tell you to quit your day job and go find your passion.

Please don’t quit your day job to look for Mr. Passion. He isn’t waiting for that, and he won’t rear his little head if you do.

So what is passion, really? And to what lengths should we go to for it?

After many books and much self discovery in my recent years, I have found what I believe to be the answer to this question. 

And that is.

Passion is a feeling.  Nothing more. Nothing less.

Passion is excitement.

It’s not always a career path and it’s not something you’re born with.

It’s something you create.

So when you ask yourself, what is my passion? You should really be asking what makes me excited? 

What can I talk about all day long and I cant stop smiling about? What gives me that sense of fulfillment?

It can be anything, really! 

  • Makeup  
  • Photography 
  • Drawing
  • Being around animals
  • Fixing something
  • Building something
  • Food
  • Traveling
  • Hula hooping
  • Gardening

The list goes on and on.

It doesn’t have to be these practical things either. It’s anything that brings you a feeling of excitement

For me, it’s when I publish a post and I go to my site and see it all put together. Simple as that, I get excited about it! Click here to find out another strange “passion” of mine.

Your “passion” doesn’t have to be your job

The Urban Dictionary defines passion as putting more energy into something than is required to do it.

To me, that means it should also be something you would do regardless of being able to monetize on it.

Everyone likes to believe that your career should be your passion but that is not true. 

If your passion isn’t your career, that doesn’t make you any less good at your job and it doesn’t mean you hate your job. 

Not everything that excites you will be career worthy. So if it isn’t, then just try and do it as often as possible! 

Or find a career that shares some of the same attributes to your new hobby! 

I really hope this helps you with feeling less crummy about not having a “passion” just yet.

I didn’t find what made me excited until I was 21 and I only recently started doing it regularly. 

Having this new definition for “passion”, I am no longer guilting myself over it not being my job right now. And you shouldn’t either!  

Had I known what I know now about passion before I had something that excited me, I wouldn’t have given that word as much power as the rest of the world does.

So try not to give it so much power.

Do things that make you happy. And do it often. 

By saying that, I do not condone shopping addictions or drugs 😂.

If anyone has advice for Anonymous please leave them it in the comments! It would be helpful to know what your definition of passion is.

What is your passion? 


How To Find A Passion