Improve Your Productivity With This ONE Tool; The Happy Planner!


I have never in my life been a “planner” person. I’ve tried countless times to start using planners and many of them have been chucked because I just never could stick with it.

Time after time I would get bored of them, until…

I found The Happy Planner!

I get so giddy when I talk about The Happy Planner because it genuinely has changed my life!

Yes, it sounds dramatic but this planner will absolutely improve your productivity and there are so many reasons why.

What makes the Happy Planner Different from all of the others in the universe?

The Happy Planner was created to be extremely versatile and customizable which makes it perfect for anyone and everyone.

One of my favorite things about the planner is that it truly allows you to get as creative as you want with it. From ungodly amounts of stickers and washi tape (I have goosebumps 👀) to customized inserts. You can track anything from food habits, budgeting, goals sheets, and so much more.


The rings/discs in this planner allow you to easily take out and put in any papers you’d like.

The Happy Planner

That means, if you purchase one of their special classic punchers designed to punch paper to fit perfectly in the Classic Happy Planner, you can add your own personal papers to your planner.

This planner is everything to me. It holds my work tasks, blogging to-dos, things that I need to accomplish at home as well as a journal.

It truly is an all in one.

How will The Happy Planner help me be more productive?

Most traditional planners only have the monthly layout and your weekdays divided up by the hour. But The Happy Planner is jam packed with helpful guided questions to make sure you get accomplished what is most important to you!

Goals/ Layouts

On the sides of the month at a glance, you will see a list for your top events for the month as well as a notes section.

On the sides of your weekly layouts you will have questions like your goals for the week and things worth noting!

Each planner is very different, offering different layouts (horizontal weeks instead of vertical) and different prompted questions to target your specific accomplishments.

There is a planner for all preferences!




The Happy Planner

Ok, this is the fun part but don’t write it off if you aren’t into stickers. These aren’t just smiley faces and ice cream cones.

I mean. They do have smiley faces and ice cream cones.

And avocados…

But that’s beside the point.

These sticker books allow you to not only have fun decorating your planner, but they have very helpful stickers in the books as well. 

Things like:

  • Household reminders (laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning & bills)
  • Meetings stickers, days off & top priority reminders
  • Big To-Do list stickers to catch your eye
  • Date nights, friends days & movie nights
  • Encouraging words to throw on that shitty Monday you had

And so so much more!


The Happy Planner comes in 3 different sizes.

  1. Big (8.5″x 11″)
  2. Classic (7″x 9.25″)
  3. Mini (4.4″x 7″).

I personally like the big planner but again, if you don’t like obnoxiously huge planners then the calssic or mini are for you!

Happy Notes

Another awesome thing about the Happy Planner is that they also offer notebooks! Because the notebooks have the same discs that your planner has, you can just carry your small notebook and if you need the information you took down you can simply lift the paper off the discs in your notebook and place them into your planner! 

Easy peasy! 



Start a new habit

Planners aren’t a thing of the past folks. And if you haven’t been using one you just might be holding yourself back from reaching your highest level of productivity.

The Happy Planner

Research suggests that you are 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish your goals if you write them down and more likely to generally remember things you actually took time to write down.

Try it for yourself!

I am absolutely hooked on my Happy Planner and can honestly say, ever since I have started using this planner, not only do my daily tasks get done but my personal goals I have written down for myself have been accomplished as well.

It’s hard to make a new habit. But it’s a hell of a lot easier when the new habit is actually fun to make.

Have you read about my latest habit



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INSTANTLY Improve Your Productivity With This One Tool

Improve Your Productivity With This One Tool