New Home Monday – We Are Building A House!!


From the title of this you now all know we are BUILDING our next home with, you guessed it…ROYAL OAKS HOMES!

For once I am doing what I help people so every day, it feels amazing to put myself in my client’s shoes and experience what they’re going through, which ultimately will make me better at my job!

We picked our cute wooded lot, went to the design center and chose the color of our home, doors, countertops, cabinet color, backsplash, flooring, paint, you name it we got to pick it! …*Talk about FUN but holy shit if you aren’t careful you will have a heart attack when they add it all up. lol 


White cabinets, Subway tile, and granite!


Cabinet Hardware


🖤Our kitchen Faucet🖤

This home should be finished in OCTOBER!!

If this isn’t testimony enough to show you how much I love and believe in our homes I don’t know what is. We made the decision to start this home about a month ago and are over the moon excited, nervous, and so so anxious.

Right now we are living in Pikeville, NC about an hour from where I work, but it’s close to where the base is so it’s ideal for Tom. We love our home now but since Tom doesn’t have much time left in the military and we know Raleigh will be our next destination, so building in Clayton makes too much sense.

We have always planned on renting out the home we bought in Pikeville, it was purely an investment decision from the beginning. Since it is close to military base, we know it will always be rented out. We just never planned on moving out THIS soon!

Since I am in the Real Estate business, I have access to lenders on a daily basis, and long story short, after speaking with one of our preferred lenders, we realized we were actually capable of buying ANOTHER home in this short time of owning our first home.

At the time of finding this out, Royal Oaks had opened a new community in Clayton that was in its 1st phase, which means the prices in that community will never be lower than they are now and will increase substantially with each phase, which means INSTANT equity. Building in a new community is not only a great investment, but Clayton is a bustling and growing town that is also a hop, skip, and a jump away from Raleigh. Clayton is projected to be the new Apex (a town on the outskirts of Raleigh), which told me home prices are going to go up quickly. We needed to get in there fast, and we did!


Our floor and carpet color!


Our bathroom and laundry room flooring.

Our goal is to rent out our current home, live in this new Clayton home for a year (or more if Tom wants to go to school here), and then rent this home out as well when we move on to our next adventure. Having a rental home that is brand new with all of the warranties will make renting it less of a headache than a resale home.

Can you see what we are doing here? We, my friends, are trying to reach financial freedom. One home a time! And it’s so exciting and fulfilling to stop talking about it, put our ideas into actions, and take those steps toward what we are dreaming of.

Yes, we are STOKED about this home, but this is more than just a brand new home, this is the next step we needed to live the life we are dreaming of…A life of travel, a life of living every day for ourselves and Isaac and not someone else, a life of not being a slave to a career. ( A career I am thankful for and LOVE right now btw)


Our front door

I am so excited to share this journey with you guys, so this is going to be a little series I am going to start! I will update you guys every Monday with a “New Home Monday’s” post when things change with the home. If nothing big changes or looks wise changes, I’ll skip that Monday and update the following week! I will share pictures of our home being built and a little of what to expect when building a new home!

Thanks for reading and for caring and I’ll talk to you soon!

– It’s Adriana