New Home Monday’s: Nothing Of Value Can Be Built Without A Solid Foundation

My excitement for this stage of construction is out of control!

Working in this field has allowed me to have more knowledge than I normally would have on the home building process, and because of that, I know…this shit is about to appear out of nowhere!


Plumbed & Boxed in Slab Ready to be Poured

As you can see in the pictures they have boxed in and plumbed our foundation. Which means concrete gets poured this week, which also means, the day after pouring they can start framing, and framing they can usually finish in a week!!


Plumbed & Boxed in Slab

So, there should be a full skeleton of a home sitting on this slab in a week and a half to two weeks!


A Whole Lot of Nothing

We are now just 3 months away from moving into this home, so now we are in the process of getting our current home all prettied up so we can start showing it to potential renters. Painting walls, fixing things here and there, deep cleaning.

You know, all the extremely stressful and not fun stuff.


Our Home That Will be Our Rental Property

Everyone, cross your fingers that we find amazing renters next month!

The kind that doesn’t like animals, have bad kids, and are germaphobic and require a clean environment at all times…We are really counting on it for some peace of mind.


– It’s Adriana