Setting Up Life In England

Day one in England was a whirlwind.

You’re dropped in this place and expected to feel your way out on how to set up your life here in England. What to do first?

Car? Phone? How quickly do we start looking at homes? Where do we look for a home? Who do we call to show us a home? How do we get our licenses? Where do we put Isaac in school?

Thankfully Tom has a few friends here that ended up giving us tons of great info and a few rides. 

Lynford Hall

Lynford Hall Life In England

After the headache of the flight, jet lag, and total confusion, getting to our hotel was the breath of fresh air we desperately needed. 

Oh, and a bed. It gave us a bed too. 

Some of our thoughts when pulling up to this place were, “Are you sure this is where we are staying? This place literally looks like a castle…You’re telling me this is the military purposely booked me a place to stay? There wasn’t a motel 6 somewhere in town they could stick us in?”

Lynford Hall Life In England


We feel so lucky to get to stay in the gorgeous hotel with the most beautiful view from our room! 

Our little French car Citroen C2



Tom found this little car online while we were back in the states. We definitely didn’t think it would still be available when we got here but somehow, it was still available! It’s a little 4 seater French car called a Citroen C2. 

This little nugget is spec’d out with heated seats, 123hp (Don’t try and race us. You will win.), and the least amount of storage I’ve ever seen in any car ever. Lol 

Citroen C2 Life in England

We bought it from a sweet old lady named Joy who got it as a gift from her husband for her 60th birthday.

Joy said she names all of her cars and this one’s name is “purdy” because it purs. Of course this was said in her cute little English accent and not as we Americans would read that in our minds as a nice southern, “Puuuuuuuuuurrrrdddyyyyy”.

Anyway, it’s a perfect European car when it comes down to it and I must say it’s down right adorable

Gas is expensive AF…

First off, here, you pump your gas and then go inside and pay. That’s trust.

Secondly, that little 4 seater, teensy teeny tiny itty bitty wittle little car we have, cost about 50pounds to fill up. In dollars that’s $62 to fill this car. 

How I feel about gas prices…lol

Talk about make you sick to your stomach…You can probably imagine our shock after we paid that. Lol 

Thankfully base offers gas a little cheaper. We won’t make that mistake again. 

We found our home!

Unfortunately, we don’t get much time to find a home here so we knew we needed to move quickly. 

Plus, the longer we are in a hotel, the more we are spending on food. There’s no way to cook and no place to store food.

Day 3 we went and searched for a home and we definitely found the perfect one! 

I wish I would have gotten my own photos but once we move in I’ll share what it looks like. It’s so so charming and everything I pictured our life in England would look like, “English” home wise and location wise. 

It’s located in a town called Bury St. Edmunds and just walking distance to shops, theaters, farmers markets, book stores, grocery stores, train stations, etc.

Hopefully we will be able to move in (move our suit cases in lol) in two weeks! 

England has charmed our pants off I tell ya!

Over all, this place is so. Freaking. Adorable. 

All the stone houses and buildings, cute little pubs, we saw a few homes with what looked like straw roofs, cobblestone roads, big hats, etc. 

Lynford Hall Life In England

On top of how charming this place is, the people have been so, “lovely”! 

Brilliant even…

Ok, i’ll stop. 

But really, it makes a big difference to go some place and not feel unwanted there. Everyone has been so kind. 

I think we might like life in England you guys. We might even stay. 

I think we don’t have an option in it. But if we did…Still, we just might stay.