7 Skincare Tips For Flawless Skin

Some of you may be thinking, “How can she give us skincare tips? Didn’t she take Accutane to clear her skin?”

The answer to that is, hell yes I did…but that doesn’t mean you have perfect skin for forever and you don’t have to do anything to maintain that clear skin. I still get breakouts, but the difference is now I know what triggers them and the steps it will take to better prevent them.

But just like everyone I get weak sometimes and don’t always follow my own advice, leading to a nice visitor on my face.

I have now had about 6 years of experience battling my skin, and although my skin journey is easier than it use to be, there are still things that I can’t do and have to do in order to maintain a clear complexion.

Now everyone’s skin is different, and what works for me might not work for you, but if any of these skincare tips are things you haven’t tried yet, give them a shot and see if they benefit you at all!

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I genuinely care for my readers and would never suggest something I haven’t used myself and absolutely loved.


I know this is a given but seriously, if I get lazy ONE night, and sleep in my freaking makeup, I am 1,000,000% guaranteed to see a breakout either the next day or within the next 3 days. So just take the extra time, don’t let yourself lay in bed, and wash off your makeup.


Skincare tips

Yooo…would you believe I used to have cystic acne?

2. Use a gentle cleanser with NO exfoliants

This is an extension of #1, but I feel like this one is so important that it gets its own number…I don’t know about you, but every time I scrub my face with anything, I get a breakout. And these are the painful ones. So honestly, I can’t remember the last time I exfoliated my skin. I have been using a gentle cleanser (CeraVe to be exact) since taking Accutane. Which took some getting use to because just like a lot of people, I was hooked on that feeling of lathery, soapy, gritty face washes that left my face feeling squeaky squeaky clean. Looking back on that it makes me criiiinnngggge.

But not exfoliating, I believe, is what made those stubborn little bumps on my forehead go away. You know, the ones that aren’t pimples but just little bumps under the skin…YAY!

3. Drink a lot of water

Another thing that makes me notice a difference in my skin on a daily basis is how much water I get in the day. Which for me makes a lot of sense when I think back because before Accutane, I KNOW I didn’t drink enough water. Honestly, I would sometimes go 2 days without a drink of water. I drank a lot of tea. Like, pretty consistently drinking tea…Now all I drink is water. If I for some reason don’t get much that day, my skin looks dry, my pores will look a little bigger, and my makeup just doesn’t look as good.

Skincare tips

4. Try giving up milk/dairy products

This skincare tip will change your life.

My entire life I have been an avid milk drinker. I loved strawberry milk, ice cream, cheese, you name it, I love milk. BUT… I haven’t drunk a glass of milk or put milk in my cereal since about a month before taking Accutane, and I will never go back…Granted, I still eat cheese every now and then, dip my Oreos in a nice big glass of cold milk, and eat my Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, but divulging in all of those things means a certain pimple. My skin literally gets itchy within hours and I know I’m about to pay the price.

But come on…a girl needs to live.

5. Be consistent with your skincare routine/keep it simple

These days, on a daily basis, we are learning about the next best thing. Which means the excitement of wanting to try new skincare items every week. But all you end up doing is confusing and irritating your skin. The worst part is, you won’t know which $40 product was the real culprit of your angry skin because you changed it up so frequently. So just, slow down, find your 3-4 best products and stick to them for at least 2-3 weeks before you change it up again. And when I say keep it simple, try to not put products on your face that smell like the banana boat oil you spray on yourself in the summertime….And if you still use that oil and lay in the sun, go ahead and stop doing that too, ok?

Your skin and I are thanking you.

6. Add tea tree essential oil to 1 product

This trick really made me see a difference in my skin. Plus, I love the way Tea Tree oil smells. Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic and will not only help treat and prevent acne, but it will also help reduce redness in your skin, helping to create that flawless complexion. I usually put 2-3 drops in my giant moisturizer bottle and shake it up. I’m sure you know, but essential oils are extremely potent, so a little really does go a long way.

Skincare tips

Ok….I’m growing my hair back out…lol

7. Cut back on your sugar intake

Just like milk, I notice when I have too much sugar my skin gets itchy, which always leads to a breakout. But, for anyone that knows me knows that I am addicted to sugar.

I can literally eat a whole tray of Oreos, or chocolate chip cookies in 1-2 days. Or multiple zebra cakes in a day. Ice cream, m&m’s, Skittles, overly sweetened tea, chewy Sprees. I’ve gone an entire day without eating real food and just eating candy, (unintentionally)…

So good for you, is that for me, having “too much sugar” is just outlandish to normal people. lol But if you’re like me and like your sugar, cut back and see the effects it has on your skin!

I know the struggle of trying to find skincare tips that work for my skin and the emotional toll it can have when you feel your skin is less than great. But just remember, we are all human, we all get breakouts that I would say 60% of the time are out of our control.

Just don’t let yourself get discouraged when you get a new friend. We all get them. It doesn’t mean you’re unhygienic, they don’t make you ugly, and they aren’t the end of the world. And truthfully, we are usually the only ones who notice them!

I hope these skincare tips can help you feel a little more in control of your skin, after all, that is all we are asking for right?

If you have any skincare tips that you feel had an impact on your skin, please share in the comments.

Talk to you soon!


7 tips for flawless skin

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