We Are Making A MOVE!!!


Ugh, it feels so good to share this with you guys! We got orders to Lakenheath AFB and everything has officially been finalized. So no more doubts or road blocks.

And, yea. 

We are going.

This month will be our last months at work and here is what our timeline is looking like for the next two months… 

  • List our home for rent at beginning of May 
  • TMO is scheduled to come pack up our home May 30th and May 31st (my birthday).
  • Toms final out appointment is on June 14th. Hopefully ship our car around then.
  • June 15 or 16th we plan on making a road trip to Arkansas to see Toms grandparents 
  • Hopefully after visiting there we will take a detour to Texas to say goodbye to my family. 
  • Head back to NC by the end of the month.
  • Catch a flight to England anytime between July 1-5th!!!!! 

How long will we be there? 

Making A Move

So our orders say 3 years. However, Tom will be applying to commission to be an officer not long after we get there. 

So when he gets that we would leave. We could be there 1 year, we could be there 2 years. Who knows we may be there 3 years. But I anticipate 1-2 years. 

Why we are deciding to make a career out of the Air Force.

There are some pretty big pros and some pretty big cons (deployments & no pets). But as time got closer for our exit date (November this year), we started really contemplating what ways we would benefit as a family and what ways Tom would benefit career wise by staying in and making a career out of it vs getting out. Here are a few…

  1. After being in Japan for 3 years and coming back, something we desperately missed was traveling and having the opportunity to live in another country. We are still in our early twenties and having the chance to do that again and passing it up was a tough pill to swallow. 
  2. There are some dreams Tom has that involve the Air Force that, I won’t put out there until he gets it, but he has a real chance to accomplish and staying in he can pursue them. 
  3. Tom can retire at 39. Not much more needs to be said about that. Lol 
  4. We could acquire more rental properties easier with each base we go to.
  5. Isaac could possibly have his college paid for. 
  6. Nothing is ever set in stone. If we change our minds, when his contract is up we can bounce, but at least we gave it a shot.

I am so happy to finally get to share this news with everyone! We are extremely excited and so hopeful in this decision thats been made.

We have always been able to make the best out of everything and I cant wait to see how this all turns out. 

Now…I just need to find a new career for myself because this whole real estate thing won’t exactly work over there. 

Making A Move


Making A Move







Making a Move

After one too many photos lol

*The town we are hoping to live in Bury St Edmunds 😍