What I Love About Being A New Home Sales Consultant

Yes, I am a licensed Realtor & yes I am a New Home Sales Consultant.

What’s the difference?


A Realtor in General Brokerage sells re-sale homes. (sometimes new construction as well depending on the builder) Realtors also put you in their car and drive you around to find your next home or list your home for you to sell. *Although HGTV makes this career look like cake, it is anything but. We work around the clock and we work hard. 

New Home Sales Consultant

I am also a Realtor but I work ONLY for a builder. Therefore, I am a New Home Sales Consultant. I list every single home that the builder spits out as well as work in the model home. Clients come to our model home and see what we build, the included features, and the quality.

Not only do I sit in the model home but I go out and visit Realtor offices. Which is a lot of giving free coffee and free breakfast along with inventory fliers to these wonderful ladies and gentlemen who bring their sweet clients to us!

At this point, I help my prospective clients pick the floor plan for them, add different features like, extra windows, bump outs, porches, 3rd floors, etc. Then we choose the perfect home site, write up a contract, and get this project started!

They then go to our design center and personalize EVERYTHING that goes in their home! I keep them updated on their new home throughout the entire process through pictures, videos, and make sure what they picked gets put into the home.

I also keep up with their loan status and try to smooth out any foreseeable bumps in the road to ensure an on-time closing.

Why I love it

I think my favorite thing about this career is helping my clients around the obstacles that make them think they can’t build one of our homes. Seeing that look on their faces when they realize that they CAN build a new home.

Getting to watch them get excited when signing for their home, and ultimately seeing their smiles when they see the home being framed, the cabinets they picked going into the kitchen, the walls getting painted, and their flooring being put down.

It really brings me joy.

New Home Sales Consultant

For me,  what I like more about new construction compared to general brokerage is getting to hone in on my craft. Which helps me bring comfort to the people who have no clue what’s going on. With general brokerage, I have no way of knowing how well that home was built, who built it, what’s behind the walls, etc.

New Home Sales Consultant

The pretty decor is a nice touch to this job as well 🙂

New Home Sales Consultant

Buying a home is stressful on its own. But BUILDING is a whole other can of worms…

It’s 6 months of bringing peace and serenity to clients in some of the most stressful times of their lives. And for someone who loves making people happy, this is THE job for me.

Have you seen my post on work-life balance?