Why I Started A Blog & What I Love About It

First off, I never thought I would start a blog. I never even knew it was a thing really.

But I’ve always been in search of something creative to love and to be good at. I’ve dabbled and attempted the things that would typically come to mind when in search of a hobby.  I can’t draw like my sister can, sing like my mother can, or take crazy good photos like my brother-in-law, or even play an instrument (I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on piano). But still, my whole life I’ve felt like a creative outlet is what I’ve been missing.

It all started last year when I was a stay at home mom for a good, 6+ months. It was my first time since I was 15 years old, where I didn’t have a job, my own money, friends, or family around, and living on the other side of the world.

I definitely had the mommy blues and was in desperate search of human connection. Not only did I need someone to listen to, but to talk to as well. I was in search of friends.

why I started a blog

Photo By: Josua Posado Insagram: City_wandering_ Site: https://www.city-wandering.com

I spent my days on YouTube, getting to know people who shared their daily lives online through videos and reading hundreds of lifestyle blogs where they shared stories and beautiful photos.

I felt like I got to know some of these people on a deeper level than some of my “non virtual” friends lol…

But this is where and why I fell in love with blogs and got more interested with the community that blogging had to offer.

As soon as I realized how completely possible it was to start a blog, I started mine, and was instantly obsessed.

1. Blogging Allows Me To Be Better Understood

One of my favorite things about a lifestyle blog is, it is the one platform, where no-one can misunderstand me. If you haven’t noticed, I love getting personal. I love putting my thoughts and what I think about different aspects of life out for everyone to read. I want people to know what’s in my heart, especially if I am putting my life on other social media platforms.

It’s too easy to look at a photos of Isaac and I on Instagram, and to think “Look how happy he is, he must be such a good kid, never throw fits, or drop the F-bomb.”

But trust, he is and does all three of those things.

why I started a blog

Photo By: Joshua Posado Instagram: City_wandering_ Site: https://www.city-wandering.com

Or I get comments all the time about how “perfect” I always look. Which Is really sweet, but what they don’t realize is I do my hair and makeup every day because I’m too insecure not to…

But you would never know those things unless you read them right here.

That is why I love this so much…I want people to see that yes I have a good life, but there is no such thing as a perfect life, a perfect kid, husband, skin, hair, career, etc.

I want people to follow my blog before my Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook because if you’re going to be my, “friend” I want you to know my story, my heart, and my mind. Just like I want to know yours.

The people who draw me in and make me love them are the ones who put it all out there.

2. I Have Been Through A Lot & Have A Lot Of Shit To Say

At 23 years old and have learned a million life lessons (23 THINGS I HAVE LEARNED IN 23 YEARS)…I haven’t always had the easiest life but I am extremely grateful for that. Not only has it matured me, but I feel like I have been well prepared for the challenges of life.

Which is why I love being a problem solver. I love encouraging people, giving advice, and helping guide people through things that they haven’t been through that maybe I have.

why I started a blog

Photo By: Joshua Posado Instagram: City_wandering_ Site: https://www.city-wandering.com

You know when your teacher would call on a friend in class and ask them a question that you know they didn’t know the answer to? And inside you were saying, “It’s an atom, it’s an atom!!” as if you were somehow going to telepathically tell them the correct answer so they didn’t get into trouble?

Well, that’s how I feel withholding all of my valuable life lessons and things I learn/realize every day. lol

Unfortunately, I don’t always have friends that are in a crisis (sarcasm), so I love that I have a place to give my unwanted advice, in hopes of helping someone who needs it.

Which is another reason I love reading other people’s blogs so much. I sincerely appreciate when people post about their hardships and how they got through them because maybe it’s something I will need one day.

3. Blogging Gives Me An Added Sense Of Accomplishment

I don’t have to blog. I don’t have to post every Monday and Thursday. But I do it because I said I would and because I want to consistently put out content for all 5 of you…lol

Also, I am not a technical savvy person. At all. So just creating this site alone is an accomplishment.

And then there is this strange satisfaction that comes with finding a solution to a problem on my site, or inserting an HTML code (I don’t even really know what it is or stands for), writing out everything I have in my head, editing it, and hitting that “publish” button. It all makes me feel so proud!

why I started a blog

Photo By: Joshua Posado Instagram: City_wandering_ Site: https://www.city-wandering.com

Especially that I am doing all of this around a full-time job, a kid, cleaning, and dinner once a week (still an accomplishment lol)…It makes you feel a little like a badass.

4. Writing On This Blog Has Made Me a Better Person

You know, you never realize how stupid, or irrational you’re being until you say what you’re thinking out loud or are writing it down.

I write when I am angry, emotional, happy, and frustrated with just everyday life.

This platform allows me to put everything that’s in my mind on, “paper” and analyze it more than a few times before I publish it.

And I would say 60% of the time it makes me question myself, and my own thoughts. It has helped me define and sharpen my own beliefs and views and ultimately has helped me know myself better.

why I started a blog

Photo By: Joshua Posado Instagram: City_wandering_ Site: https://www.city-wandering.com

I am so grateful to have discovered blogging and that I decided to start blogging again. If you have been thinking about starting a blog, just do it, it’s never too late to try something new.

Chances are, you’ll love it as much as I do.


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