“Woman’s Woman”; Why Are Women Still Tearing Each other Down?

I have always thought of myself as a “woman’s woman.”

I always loved having girlfriends, giving advice, being a shoulder & more than anything, encouraging my women friends to do ANYTHING they put their minds to.

I’ve wanted everyone I have known to be as successful as they possibly could in whatever way that was to them.

Whether they were doing something I didn’t understand, something I could never do, or even something that could seem like it was in, “direct competition” to what I was doing.

I will always tell you to go for it and help in whatever way I can (I am sure my close friends can attest to this).

Because of this trait, I have always attracted wonderful women into my life. I have been blessed with great friends and honestly had never been burnt by another woman.

I guess this conditioned me to feel like all women were also a” Woman’s Woman” type of person. That people could see I was genuine and would feel the same for me.

Portrait of Adriana Avila in blog post Woman's Woman

It made me feel like I could open up to anyone about anything, and my best interest would be in their heart.


Why would any women want to tear me down?

Smile at my face then cut me down to others?

Try to undermine me to make me fail.



For what reason?

I give everyone my respect without it needing to be, “earned.”

I give everyone genuine, sincere, endless kindness since the day I meet them.

Wouldn’t people see this?

The Realization…

Unfortunately… I have been forced to realize that not everyone that pretends to be nice, is actually a nice person. Not everyone that smiles at you and tells you they’re here to help or interested in your life is actually there to help and interested in your life. Not everyone is a Woman’s Woman

Unfortunately, I have been forced to hold my trust a little closer now. 

I just wish I could wear a sign on my forehead saying, ” I am not your enemy”, ” I don’t see your success as a threat”, ” I want to help you”, ” This is just a job don’t lose your heart“!

I have just really been struggling dealing with the idea that this is how a lot of people truly are.

You guys…There is room in this world for everyone. In every business, in every niche, on every level.

No one needs to be chopped at the fucking knees for you to get to the top.

So be kind.

Don’t only care about yourself.

Help others, because life is hard as it is.

And just know, whatever you put into the world will come back to you.

Self portrait of Adriana Avila

I can take a slap in the face. Because I know that I am never down for long. And most importantly, someone else’s actions won’t change who I am or how I treat others.