Work-Life Balance; Top 11 Tips For Working Moms

Work-life balance…

Oh the pressure and mommy guilt we put on ourselves to find this mystical wonderland where everything is perfectly zen and balanced between all aspects of our lives. And if we can’t find it, we must doing something wrong. Right?


I’ve never met a working woman or man or even “successful” woman or man who have a perfect balance in their lives. So if we know this to be true, why are we all still killing for this thing that will never come? 

All we can do is try our best and I think these 11 “work-life balance” tips are going to help you get as close as you can to just that. Your best. 

1. Realize you can do it all…But a “Perfect” work-life balance will never exist.

These days, not only do we women want to have it all, but 9 times out of 10, we have to do it all. It takes a lot and costs a lot to raise a family. But it doesn’t matter if a career is your focus or your family, one will always suffer over the other. A perfect work-life balance just isn’t possible.

“Balance” is defined by you and only you. It’s internal, it’s personal, and it’s up to you to create that based on what you value most inside.

2. Know your big “Why”

This one ties into #1 a little, but it’s so important to know what your “why” is. You’ll need this to remind yourself of why you do what you do when you start to feel those heavy bouts of mommy guilt.

  • Why do you get up and leave your family every day?
  • Why do you work every weekend?
  • Why do you stay late at work sometimes to meet clients needs?

If this is something you have to do or love to do, why allow yourself to feel badly about it?

Work life balance

My “why”.

3. Take time for you

Let’s face it. When you have a family and a career, it’s so easy to let yourself start falling into last place.

Meaning you’re too busy pleasing everyone else, you stop doing what you love, what fulfills you, or just taking time for you. And at some point, you don’t even know what you like, or what makes you, you

You can’t make everyone else happy whether it be at work or at home if you aren’t happy. So be sure that through all of the craziness of life, that you’re taking time to do what you love.

4. Don’t feel bad about ramen doodle/ ravioli nights

No one has ever died by eating something out of a freaking can. So don’t beat yourself up for not making the perfect meal every night. Start a list of some quick 10-20 minute dinners you can make your family when you get home. And yes, Ravioli, Ramen Noodles, and Hamburger Helper are a few on my list. No shame in my game.

(A healthier option would be a pre-made salad mix…Tada!!)

 5. Set boundaries/ allow yourself to unplug

This is a key factor in achieving any level of work-life balance.

You do not always have to be “on”. Work time is work time, family time is family time. So set this expectation with your coworkers, bosses, and clients. Make sure your hours and days off are known and stick to it. Turn your phone off if you have to.

I use to answer my phone and emails every single time I got a work notification on my days off and afternoons. I quickly realized this was unfair to my family, and myself.

Obviously, if it’s an emergency, put out the fire, but anything else can wait.

7. Have fun!

Remember to have fun in every moment! Take those vacations, road trips, pool days, laugh as much as you can at work, make jokes and listen to music if you can.

Just fill as much of your days as you can with fun. This makes going to work easier and gives you more to look forward to at home.

Have you seen my post on what I wish I learned before starting a Real Estate Career?

Work life balance

We have a work dog (Coworkers dog), his name is Kevin and he makes me happy when my work day gets tough! 💕[[[[[[[[[[


Work life balance

I had a busy work weekend this weekend, but instead, I decided to take off and enjoy the day with my family. No looking at texts, phone calls, or emails. It’s refreshing!

8. Time block/ manage your time wisely

Your workday should be enough time to get things done if you manage your time wisely. If not, what doesn’t get done today can wait until tomorrow!

“Remember Parkinson’s Law: Tasks expand to the time allotted. If you have all day to write a blog post, it will take you all day. If you have all day to make sales calls, they will take all day…you get the idea!”

– Mary Kathryn Johnson

9. Learn how to delegate at home

It’s second nature to feel like house chores are your responsibility, especially being raised in the society we were raised in. (Thankfully we are moving away from that)

But the home is not all on you. Especially since you’re working too. If you’re not blessed with a husband that doesn’t mind doing the dishes and laundry, start asking! Start delegating tasks around the house so when you get home you aren’t overwhelmed with everything. If you need to hire a cleaning service to come to your home every 2 weeks to do your deep cleaning, do it (if you can)! If you have children that are old enough to clean, make them clean.

There’s no reason to let stupid crap like chores stress you out.

10. Put everything on your calendar/Make to-do lists

This has saved my life and my brain!! I’ve spent hours before bed stressing, knowing there were a million things I needed to do the next day and events I had coming up. I let them circle my head, trying so hard not to forget anything. But I’ll never do this again.

Every time I have something I should do or need to do soon, big or small, I put it in the notes app in my phone and check it off once it’s done. It’s so refreshing allowing yourself to dump all of that information from your head once you know you have it written down somewhere.

*Best planner of life Happy Planner!!

11. Work smarter, not harder.

Yes, it’s important to be able to “grind” it out. (Whatever that means)… But there’s no reason to work yourself 24/7, put all of your time, energy, and effort into working yourself into the ground to be successful. Finding a smarter and easier way, to minimize your work is always ideal. This doesn’t make you lazy, it frees you up for even more tasks.

“Hard workers want all the possible work to be done, while smart workers don’t bother with most of the work they should do. Instead, they brutally focus themselves only on the tasks that bring the biggest long-term impact, and those are all the tasks connected with creating, delivering and capturing as much value as possible.”

– Blaz Kos

So stay focused, delegate tasks, prioritize, and check out when the day is over…

There is always tomorrow.


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